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This package design and branding was developed by Backbone Branding for a local honey manufacturer of quality natural honey. The limited addition package shown here has me really buzzing. I love the refined simplicity of the whole thing. The brand identity is excellent as it speak strongly to the specific product and and reflects the packaging form so well.


Recipient of numerous awards and for obvious reasons, Backbone has something to be proud of here.


Asked to develop a packaging for a non distinctive glass jar, the solution reflects a refined simplicity. The only desire expressed by the client was to visually depict the multi floral (more than 600 flower) origin of the honey, which happened to be the point of difference for the product.


Backbone wrapped the entire jar in paper and came up with hexagon-shaped gold-covered cupboard containers. Placed next to each other, the boxes make an impression of honeycombs. To open the jar, one first should unwrap the perforated paper revealing the jar and read the honey production story on the reverse side.


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