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The Best Websites of 2015

Now that its the beginning of the New Year we can take a look back at some of 2015’s most inspiring and creative websites.


Be More Human by Reebok

This site for the Be More Human campaign utilizes some very slick imagery and typography. This scrolling site is punctuated with dynamic effects and has a raw urban feel that provides a overall compelling user experience.

Georg Jensen

Georg Jensen

This website utilizes the moments of a sumptuous short film to showcase a collection of gift ideas from Georg Jensen. The user joins this intriguing and sexy party where individual moments reveal Georg Jensen gifts being shared. The film momentary pauses giving the user an opportunity to get further details on each of the individual gifts. Its very handsome.


YouTube 10th Anniversary

YouTube celebrates it’s 10 anniversary with a site that showcases some of the funny, wild and wacky videos from over the past 10 years. The user goes from A-Z answering playful questions with the drop of various floating animated icons. Once the question is answered correctly we get to view the related videos. The interface is as fun and compelling as the videos themselves.


Braastad Cognac

Walk into the world of Braastad Cognac, its history and its making at this immersive site. I love the storytelling quality of the site and how it integrates rich film clips, photography, slides, graphics, mini animations, etc, walking the user seamlessly through the world of Braastad. The simple grid structure of the site is orderly and efficient while giving a stately feel. The use of overlays of texture and animation provides a subtle but rich sense to the overall site.

Dog Studio


Dog Studio is a middle-size digital agency from Belgium that creates some completely immersive and spectacular sites. I especially love the work they did for Dragone Studio, they are incredibly rich and evocative sites. The blend of photography, animation, masks, rollovers, film content, etc are skillfully handled creating fantastic digital experiences.



Scroll or click your way through this efficient site while you learn all about Trippeo, a trip concierge app. This travel expense application’s site effectively explains the product and gives the potential user a powerful taste of what the modern and clean Trippeo UX experience will be.

Califronia Dream

California Dream Big

A site dedicated to helping users explore and learn more about visiting California from San Diego to San Francisco. This scrolling site is super clean and easy to navigate. There are interesting articles about the California lifestyle with related editorial and videos. Makes me want to go on a road trip.

Climate Reality Project

The World Easiest Decision

This site by The Climate Reality Project is a fun and playful walk through the topic of climate change. The animations and editorial are very fun and engaging.

DNA Project

DNA Project

A site dedicated to the making of an album by Jviewz. This interactive experience takes the user on a journey through the creative process and exploration that Jviewz goes through in the making of an album. The clever site uses rich full screen images overlaid with micro animations and graphics. It is punctuated with videos that brings the user intimate moments in the creative process.

Great War Archeology

Great War Archeology

This rich site about war is beautifully executed. The photography, illustrations, animations, rollovers, videos, etc are combined to make the historical journey rich and interesting.

National Geo

Eat: The Story of Food

This National Geographic site informs users about the food we eat. The UI is really great and the way the factoids of information are presented makes learning a little something about food fun. The music and sound effects serve to enhance the playfulness of the site and all the subtle movement and transitions are great.


Kingsman Movie

This promotional site for the Kingsman movie delivers a playful way to experience the movie while selling and promoting it. I like the way it integrates both movie clips and music. Further, if you move beyond the interactive promotional site—I like way the tie in with Mr Porter continues the storytelling, the merchandise is presented in a smart and clever way keeping users in the world of Kingsman.


Reuters TV

Reuters, the worlds largest international multimedia news provider has a new look that brings news to its users in a very clean and modern way. The site offers a full-screen, immersive news experience, including an intuitive, responsive interface and custom-streaming framework that is optimized for each user’s data connection.



This maker of women lingerie lets the user be a part of an unfolding sultry story in this sexy site. A superb integration of compelling b/w photos and video with intriguing music, subtle rollovers and movement. The product is weaved into the story with great taste and style. Love Love Love.


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