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Venice Art Walk & Auctions

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The Venice Art Walk and Auction showcases established and emerging contemporary artists while raising over $650,000 to fund health care for the 20,000 low-income, uninsured and homeless patients of Venice Family Clinic. The Artist studio tours encompass 50 local art studios, galleries and special exhibits that are all within a 2-mile radius of the Google headquarters.

The walk is a great opportunity to not only see some inspiring art, but visit working studios and speak to the artists themselves. I did not get to visit all the studios as there is just not enough time but I have included some of my personal favorites. For the full list of artist you can go to: 2015 Studio Tour List 5-5-2015

Venice_Art_Walk_Jim Olarte_SG_Style-Journal

I really loved Bisco Smith‘s work, pictured at the top of the page. I am sure it is my graphics background coming through. Bisco’s style is a blend of graffiti deconstruction, graphic design, that captures the raw energy of street style. Jim Olarte whose work is seen directly above are collections created of shell, wood, rock and fiberglass found washed up on the beach.  The pieces shown here are all made from pieces of wrecked boats.

Venice_Art_Walk_Densis Miranda_SG_Style_Journal

I was lucky to see the work of a young artist from Mexico City Densis Miranda, very interesting and somewhat haunting collection. To see more of his work go to: Miranda_Paintings at Instagram.

Venice_Art_Walk_Elizabeth N. Orleans_SG_Style_Journal

The sculptures of Elizabeth N. Orleans were very elegant yet evocative–She combines geometric and organic forms, often referencing growth, the human body, and abstracted life forms.

Venice_Art Walk_Eric Schwabel_SG_Style_Journal

The photography of Eric Schwabel is a striking representation of the male form. His career runs the gamut from commercial work for major national brands to shooting the shining stars of Hollywood. I think his work is extremely bold and sexy, I see why the Hollywoods elite would choose him to shoot them.


Even the studio spaces were works of art. There was so much creativity and inspiring things to take in, I loved it.


Every where you turned there were interesting things to look at and discover.


Even the floor became great pieces of inspiration.

Venice_Art_Walk_David Tanych_SG_Style_Journal

Walking around the street you will discover great surprises like these sculptures by David Tanych. David has been building objects since his father gave him a saw, hammer, nails and a block of wood at the age of 10. Check it all out next year as I am sure you will find it as inspiring as I alway do.


The Venice Art Walk and Auctio


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