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The Best Easter Eggs of 2016

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The Best Easter Eggs of 2016

Easter eggs decorating is one of those fun things that brings out the creative flair in people and retailers alike. This year there are some eggtraordinary chocolate Easter egg designs offered by retailers from all over the world–here are just a few.

Pierre Marcolini and Selfridge bring us a playful Wonderland collection of chocolate eggs. Whether it’s the Cat with his mischievous grin or the tyrannical Queen, the Playing Cards or other wacky characters, everyone is pretty in pink and adorned with hearts, clubs, spades or diamonds as they enjoy a healthy dose of springtime madness.

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Not quite an egg but still tremendously creative, French designer Pierre Tachon has teamed up with chocolate company Alain Ducasse to create a treat that is shaped like a chicken. The outer layer of the 300-gram Cocotte hen is constructed from dark chocolate, and houses a filling of crispy almond praline eggs. Two triangular fins form the bird’s tail and beak, while the body is constructed from an upside-down diamond shape.

Easter Eggs SG Style Journal

This graphic design for an Easter egg is filled with praline and plain chocolate Easter sea-themed fishes and shellfish. Original and mysterious creations that appear to have been carved, sculpted and hand crafted, evoking the delicate artisanal chocolate of the Manufacture. An original Pierre Tachon creation.

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This showstopper Easter egg sculpture is handmade by a mother and daughter team of chocolatiers. Made from the most majestic Valrhona chocolate, this limited-edition sculpture is inspired by the beehives and can be found at Fortnum & Mason.

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This classic English chocolate egg is hand decorated in an Victorian inspired design and is available from select stores from Charbonnel et Walker. This monster of an egg is named Big Bertha, it is 23 pounds, 31 inches tall and 61 inches in diameter.

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Fauchon. brings us this laced egg made with milk chocolate with sweet notes and flavours of cocoa with milk chocolate sea creatures and praline eggs inside.

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This 68% cocoa dark chocolate egg with colored buttons was designed by Jean Paul Hevin and is filled with Easter praline figurines and chocolate fritures.

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Pierre Herme created this beautiful graphic egg made from pure Peruvian chocolate.


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