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Super Bowl 2015 Top Spots


This year’s commercials for the Super Bowl had some clear standouts as far as creativity and emotional impact go. Here is my list of the top five Super Bowl commercials.

Honorable mention Doritos
2 Doritos commercials Mis-spelling Bee and Middle Seat are goofy and silly concepts that just made me laugh. It not high art but it is funny andI really enjoy it.

Middle Seat
by Scott Zabielski won Doritos’ “Crash the Super Bowl” contest with a man who landed the coveted aisle seat.He tries to scare others away from sitting next to him until he sees a pretty girl. The catch — reveals that she has crying baby.

Honorable Mention: Nationwide
Although I feel that this commercial is way to heavy and intense for what is essentially a party (the SuperBowl) one has to admit it has people talking and thinking. It may still be debatable if it is good for Nationwide or negative.

#5 Like a Girl
This Always commercial was extremely thought provoking–its an edited version of a longer version but still just as powerful. It reveals how deep seeded the negative stereotype of girls are in our culture and even in women themselves.

#4 The FIAT 500X Blue Pill
In the commercial, an aging man drops a blue pill, which matriculates its way through an Italian city center. Eventually, it drops into the gas tank of a FIAT 500, transforming the car into the new FIAT 500X crossover.

#3 No More Excuses, Anti-Domestic Violence PSA

Very serious and powerful, this Ad drives home a serious issue of domestic violence in the world. Airtime for the spot was donated as part of the N.F.L.’s penance for the Ray Rice incident.

#2 Snicker The Brady Bunch
Now we are talking about creativity–This spot was absolutely fantastic! The way they incorporated the Brady family with todays stars—every time I see it I love it–perfect casting. It features Sons of Anarchy actor Danny Trejo and Steve Buscemi, in the latest rendition of the “You’re not you when you’re hungry” pitch, launched in 2010.

#1 Budweiser Lost Dog
Another in the story of horse and puppy friendship, this spot rips at your heart strings—it has a tremendous amount of ahhhhhh factor. It is impossible not to get pulled into the story of the puppy and horses relationship.

A growing trend for Super Bowl advertisers is to pre-release or tease their ads on social / digital outlets before game day. This seems to be a technique that has proven to increase exposure and conversation about the ads. The tremendous reach and social media engagement is setting a trend on how one measures the value of a Super Bowl commercial.”

Budweiser Lost Dog
Anomaly Advertising Agency

Brady Bunch Snickers ad
BBD&O New York

No More Excuses,’s
Grey, New York

The Richards Group advertising agency

#LikeAGirl” ad
Leo Burnett, Chicago

Mis-spelling Bee
Alex Council and Kara Chung
Crash the Super Bowl Contest

Middle Seat by Scott Zabielski
Crash the Super Bowl Contest

Nationwide Spot
Fraser Communications
Los Angeles


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