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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Hologram Soundtrack

Star Wars The force awakens Vinyl soundtrack 1 on SG Style Journal

Creativity has awakened by storm at Walt Disney Records. A special vinyl edition of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens soundtrack releasing June 17th and it is really something to geek out about. The soundtrack comes as a double LP on 180-gram vinyl with a 16 page booklet but the coolest part of it is the 3D hologram. The hologram, is of the Millennium Falcon (on Disc one) and a TIE fighter (on Disc two).

Star Wars The force awakens Vinyl soundtrack 3 on SG Style Journal

The hologram is imbedded into the vinyl itself and as the record spins when a light shines directly on the vinyl surface the hologram appears. Tremendously creative and really cool tech.

The amazing tech comes from artist Tristan Duke from Infinity Light Science. Infinity Light Science is a research laboratory devoted to investigating knowledge outside established epistemological and ontological frameworks – with an emphasis on laser holography, interferometry, light-field imaging, hand-drawn holography, and relativistic imaging.

You can preorder The Force Awakens soundtrack at Disney Music Emporium and on Amazon.




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