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Spencer Hansen’s Blamo

Blamo 1 SG Style Journal

Looking for an unusual gift this holiday season? Then Blamo is something you might like–I sure do. Blamo is a line of creative and imaginative toys, apparel and art pieces created by the creative team of Spencer Hansen and Komang Sujendra. Blamo is the brain child of Spencer, a multi faceted artist whose work ranges from photography, dance, fashion, painting, toys and more. Komang is another multi disciplinary artist who teamed up with Spencer to help bring the whimsical Blamo characters to life.

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Blamo 3 SG Style Journal

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Blamo 5 SG Style Journal

Blamo 7 SG Style Journal

Check out the whole assortment online or swing by the store for a look see.

1048 Santee St, Ste 603
Los Angeles, CA 90015
323.284.5424 Office


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