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Sean Knibb’s Casa Canova T-Shirt Table

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DESIGNER SEAN KNIBB t-shirt table is fantastic! I love idea of taking an everyday ordinary object, such as a t-shirt and executing it in such an elevated material like Carrara marble. The silky smooth touch of marble just calls to you to run your hands over the table’s surface. It was Sean’s fascination with the old Master sculptures like Antonio Canova and their exquisitely intricate treatments of how garments drape over the human form that inspired the concept for his new table. Presented under the title of his new venture, Casa Canova, comes his new T-shirt Table.

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This is not the first time that Sean has explore the use of t-shirts in his work. In the new Line hotel in Los Angeles we are also treated to Sean’s fun blue ceiling fresco of a t-shirt motif.

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Sean Knibb’s “Casa Canova” tables are produced in two distinct stages. Their initial forms are designed in his studio in Venice, California and then translated, by hand, into marble in Carrara, Italy. Using classic techniques derived from the 18th century, the meticulous craftsmanship requires over 700 hours of work for each individual piece. Carved into their marble surfaces are hyper-realistic renderings of t-shirts and jeans. Learn more at: Casa Canova


Sean Knibb
Casa Canova
822 Lincoln Blvd, Venice, CA, USA
+1 (310) 450 5552


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