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I truly love the work of Quentin Jones—it reminds me of some of the raw creativity in the early eighties from magazines like Interview, The Face and Arena and incredible artists like Jean-Paul Goude. During that time there was a lot of experimentation with mix media, collage as well as typography. Quentin Jones a London based model, mixed-media artist and filmmaker for the fashion world has taken this to another fresh place. Her work has a wonderful surrealist aesthetic with a modern flair. Its a sexy, playful and graphic take on the traditional surrealist tradition.

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Quentin graduated from the University of Cambridge with a degree in philosophy and a MA in illustration from Central St Martins.

Her surrealist short videos of playful layers of photograph, illustration and animation have been commission for fashion brands like Channel, Louis Vutton, Target, Kenzo and Victoria Beckham and others. The video she created for Miley Cyrus “Tongue Tied” is really fantastic–super sexy and super creative.

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Quentin Jones
Cadence NY
T: + 1 212 226 8204
C: + 1 917 957 7821




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