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I attended an art opening at “Please do not Enter” a new one-of-a-kind progressive men’s luxury retail and exhibition space in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, Please do not Enter invites you to discover an eclectic array of exclusive, carefully selected and timeless contemporary goods. Owners Nicolas and Emmanuel moved to Los Angeles from France and opened this amazingly curated space. They aren’t new to the art of curation, collaboration with artists and designers, it’s a daily element of their lives and their home in France, as Nicolas and Emmanuel are quite the art collectors themselves with a special affection for design and architecture.

I was tremendously impressed with the caliber of art and objects that Please do not Enter carries. They have a refreshingly different assortment of clothing, objects, accessories not to mention the art. While I was there they had the work of ARIK LEVY “Intimate Formation” on display. This show includes several large-scale sculptures, freestanding three-dimensional works and wall pieces. The pieces use highly polished reflective materials that are just beautiful. As you enter the space you are greeted by what I would call a metallic crystal formation that reaches from floor to ceiling, it is stunning. The play of light and reflection is quite graphic and captivating.

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Other works throughout the space appear as highly reflective rock formations. There are flat wall versions reminecent of the three dimension sculptures which they surround.


Besides the spectacular sculpture in the entrance I was particularly drawn to a piece that although metal was actually inflated.


Please do not Enter is a great addition to an ever growing hip and trendy downtown scene. This store / exhibition space is well worth the trip downtown. I wish them all the best!


Please do not Enter
549 South Olive Street
Los Angeles CA 90013

Monday to Saturday: 11am – 7pm Public
Parking: Pershing Square Self Parking in
the PacMutual building
(entrance on 555 Olive St.)



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