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Patrick Roger A Chocolate Artist


While in Paris I ran across another amazing chocolatier “Patrick Roger Chocolatier” , He treats chocolate like a raw material which he transforms into giant 80-kilo creations or wrapped sweets in metre-long boxes. Constantly striving for innovation and perfection, he loves to cause a stir with skillful combinations and majestic sculptures.


Chocolate pine trees would make a beautiful gift or center piece for anyones table.


Patrick Rogers has been called a chocolate artist and when you see the amazing sculptures he creates you can see why.


When you are in Paris next, stop in and buy a piece for yourself or a box for a friend. Unfortunately unlike most American chocolate it can not be saved for too long as it does not have all the preservatives in it.

Patrick Rogers
Their are several locations so you should look up the one closest to you.
Telephone: +33 1 45 44 66 13


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