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Paris Photo 2014


Experienced Paris Photo while I in France recently and as always it was very inspiring. If you have not been, it’s the premier international art fair for works in the photographic medium. The 2014 Fair was held in Paris’ historical Grand Palais.(This building by itself is a pleasure to see and explore) Paris Photo is renowned for its innovative and high-level programming, Paris Photo is a key event for collectors and art world professionals, as well as photography enthusiasts.


The number of amazing artist is incredible. To see the show will take you a day or so to throughly go through everything but it is worth every second of it. What is particularly nice is in some cases meeting and speaking with the artist themselves. I have posted a few of the pieces that I particularly loved.


If you are interested in the artists seen here or want to see more you can find a list of all art exhibited at Looking forward the LA show in May 2015 –to find out more here PARIS PHOTO LA.


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