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Lorraine Loots Illustration

Lorraine_Loots_illustration_SG_Style_Journal 1

When they say good things come in small packages they must of been speaking about the work of Lorraine Loots. This South African artist’s ability to create incredible tiny illustrations that are no bigger than a penny are awe inspiring. What makes these illustrations so interesting is the amount of detail that she is able to capture in such a small space.

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Lorraine Loots mini illustrations SG Style Journal 3

Lorraine_Loots_illustration_SG_Style_Journal 4

Lorraine_Loots_illustration_SG_Style_Journal 5

Lorraine_Loots_illustration_SG_Style_Journal 6

Lorraine_Loots_illustration_SG_Style_Journal 7

Lorraine_Loots_illustration_SG_Style_Journal 8

To see more of Lorraine Loots incrdible work check out her Instagram account or her website Potluck 100 painting for ants.


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