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Le Mervetty Patisserie

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A friend brought to one of the cloud-like meringue cakes from Le Mervetty to one of our dinner parties and it was a little slice of heaven. Le Mervetty is a new addition to Los Angeles and more specifically Beverly Hills. This charming little store is awash in white and has a Parisian boutique like feel but with a modern upscale twist. Besides the heavenly cakes there are mini versions (merveilleux) which are similar to cupcakes, there are macaroons and canele too.

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There are mini Eiffel Towers and a fun painting of Marie Antoinette with her famous quote “Let them eat cake”. All in all Le Mervetty a very charming patisserie and the perfect place to stop in for an expresso and a bite of inspiration.

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Le Mervetty
319 North Canon Drive
Beverly Hills, CA
monday – saturday 9am – 8pm
sunday 11am – 7pm


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