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Iron Grill restaurant is located in the Optus headquarters at Macquarie Park in Australia. The restaurant serves up a mix of healthy options cooked on an old style iron grill. The restaurant produces a mouth-watering array of wraps and burgers made fresh and flamed grilled right in front of you. The food offered is a rebellion against the perception that fast food is low in nutritional value and at the Iron Grill they are passionate about natural fresh produce.

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However at the Iron Grill, the grill is truly king and this is reflected in the identity system created by End of Work Agency. The logo is quite literally type on a grill and by using a graphic inspired grill, the visual identity is highly impactful with thick black scorch marks burned into key pieces–just brilliant!

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The interiors, signage, uniforms, point of sale and packaging all reflect this natural, pure philosophy about their food. By using raw materials and earthy finishes, End of Work Agency paid homage to the Iron Grill’s natural offerings and cooking style. This idea drove the identity, which in turn drove the direction of the interior, the textures, the materials and the uniforms. The distressed patterning, choice of typography and simply color palette serve to enhance the concept of the simple raw grilling process. All these elements create what I think is a very strong and engaging identity system.

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Iron Grill The Canteen,
Tower Two International Towers Sydney,
200 Barangaroo Avenue,
CBD, Sydney

End of work agency
+61 2 8068 2755 Suite
9, 17 Thurlow Street Redfern
New South Wales
2016 Australia


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