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Zaha Hadid Architect’s Guangzhou Opera House in China is a stunning and dramatic building that sits at the heart of the Guangzhou’s cultural development site, its contoured profile appears to be two enormous pebbles that have been washed up on the shores of the Pearl river. The main building comprises a freestanding concrete auditorium set within a granite and glass-clad steel frame. Black granite with a flamed or rough-textured finish was used on the upper parts of the building to reinforce the idea of a pebble washed up on the bank. The exposed frame is absolutely stunning. The 1,800-seat auditorium of the Opera House is outfitted with the very latest acoustic technology, and the smaller 400-seat multifunction hall is designed for performance art, opera and concerts in the round.

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The building has a powerful and dramatic shape but at the same time there is a fluidity and seamlessness to it. The main auditorium is lined with moulded panels made from glass-fibre reinforced gypsum to create a surface that folds and flowing like silk.

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