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Poligon Foldable Sculptures


Poligon, a collection of foldable sculptures are absolutely cool. They are made of metal which you fold into their final shape. The metal sculptures arrive in flat sheet form. The individual components are chemically etched to produce perfectly cut parts. They have also etched in fold lines which makes it very easy to fold and to achieve great results. Magnets are already fixed onto the sheet so that the individual elements of the sculpture are rapidly assembled into the final design. They look absolutely cool.

Poligon is a collaboration between Rodrigo Solorzano/N&R Foldings and Matthew White which began when they met at the Royal College of Art. Rodrigo work shows his fascination with paper folding. When introduced Matthew was developing folded metal etching products and Rodrigo’s work was a perfect expression of this process. Immediately they began to create new ideas for foldable sculptures in metal, the inception of Poligon.


If you want to learn more about this innovative work or to purchase inventive sculptures check out their Website


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