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Cute Character Bento Contest 2015


The Consulate General of Japan in Los Angeles would like to celebrate Japan’s cute and cool food culture with a contest for the cutest bento box design. Submit your photos of cute and creative character bento decorated in a food container. Among the posted photo entries, 10 winners will be chosen from the following categories: 3 bread-based bento, 3 rice-based, 2 pasta-based and 2 bento that do not fall under the other categories. The winners will be awarded with prizes! Contest period: Jan 15 to Feb 22nd 2015

To find out more and submit photos at: BENTOUSA.COM

For more inspiration here are some highly creative box creations from
Here some creative fun with food to get your creative mouths watering.

Xmas Bento
Kids will surely love this adorable snowman even though it’s not Christmas season yet.

Spongebob Bento
Spongebob is made of a whole grain bread with mortadella and cheese.cute-character-bento_03_826x621

I Wanna Rock & Roll All Nite
This was made by Susan Yuen. She chose Gene Simmons of the popular band, KISScute-character-bento_04_826x678

Frog Bento
Amazing tree frog sculpture.cute-character-bento_05_826x564

Cat Bento
Super cute cat!cute-character-bento_06_826x513

Nekobus Bento
Anna truly made an art out of frozen meatballs, broccoli, egg, cheese, snow peas,
asparagus and seaweeds.cute-character-bento_07_826x1236


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