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Cavo Tagoo Hotel Mykonos

Cavo Tagoo Hotel 1

There are many nice hotels in Mykonos but the Cavo Tagoo is absolutely one of the best. The Cavo Tagoo is a unique luxury 5 stars hotel near Chora, the main town of Mykonos Island in Greece.

Upon entering your are greeted by two beautiful mosaics. The first, is on the wall behind the reception. It is a radiant golden collage of tiny tiles which contrasts beautifully against the white attire of the staff. The second is just beneath your feet, a mosaic tiger that hints back to  ancient times. I especially like the decision of the designers not to finish the tiger but leave gaps and missing pieces.

Cavo Tagoo Hotel 2

Cavo Tagoo Hotel 3

The hotel is built into an impressive natural cliffside and has create the perfect balance between exposed natural rock contrasted against the pure white of the building. The designers who worked on the hotel showed great taste and restraint as the hotel is appointed with just the right touches of art and color.

Cavo Tagoo Hotel 4

The hotel is has a very nice collection of curated art place throughout the property. I especially like the sculpture pieces by Kostis Gerogiou, Taurus standing guard at the entrance of the hotel, while Male-Female and many other interesting pieces await to be discovered.

Cavo Tagoo Hotel 6

Cavo Tagoo Hotel 7

A beautiful infinite pool overlooks the blue Aegean sea and the pool deck has inviting lounge beds and couches for sunning. The design of the sun beds is quite smart as in the evening the poles are removed, the beds fold flat and with the addition of backings convert to lounge seating for the bar. The one design flaw–and I think it is a big one, is that the stretched fabric for sun protection doesn’t really work. If you don’t want sun your going to have a hard time staying out of it.  It was my one dissatisfaction with the hotel—to me if you are paying the rather pricy rates to stay here you expect that you are going to be able to use the pool and have shade if you want it. I also feel that the poles create visual clutter in pool area and would be better without them.

Cavo Tagoo Hotel 8

Cavo Tagoo Hotel 9

The design of the bar is quite spectacle and made of a giant fish tank that is lit at night washing the area in a cobalt blue glow. Another nice touch in the evening is not only that the sun bed converted to lounge banquettes but all the chairs in the restaurant are change from white to black slip covers. Its subtle but very tasteful. The restaurant of the hotel is Kiku, well known for serving an excellent blend of Greek and international cuisine

Cavo Tagoo Hotel 10

Waking up at the Cavo Togo is a pleasure. The breakfast buffet is just a delight and included in the price of your stay. Pictured above is just the pastry table alone, there is so much more.

Cavo Tagoo Hotel 11

The most impressive part of the Cavo Tagoo are two things. One attention to detail, It was clear to me that someone put a lot of thought into the design, the details and the art that are all round you. Secondly, and the most impressive of all is the service, and that is service with a capital S. The staff is excellent!!! From the moment to enter until you leave the staff is very warm, friendly and responsive. I was impressed by the way they are ever looking for ways to help make your stay a more memorable one.

Cavo Tagoo
Aegean Coasts
S.A MYKONOS 84 600
Mykonos Greece
Tel: +30 22890 20100
Fax: +30 22890 20150


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