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Budweiser Tomorrowland Commerical

Budweiser Tomorrowland Commerical hairy dj SG Style Journal

Budweiser has partnered with Tomorrowland and Tiesto to create exclusive new music experiences for this massive electronic music festival. Tomorrowland remains the annual epicentre of club culture which runs from July 22-24. Festival goers will experience an unforgettable weekend of sensational music, mind-blowing productions and other dreamlike attractions. Collaborating with Dutch DJ and music icon Tiesto, Budweiser has launched a music video and original content to support “Infected,” the new track produced by Tiesto with fellow artist Jauz.

To hear the exclusive “Infected” track by Tiësto and JAUZ visit: 

Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam created a music video/ commercial which is a explosive fuzzy dance party.

The video is set to the original song “infected” and shows a young crew heading to the festival, once there they enter the crowd that is dancing to the music being played by the DJ. When all of a sudden as the DJ reaches a particular mix puffs of smoke descend out on the crowd. One by one they become infected by the music transforming into fun funky hairy creatures. As the music continues to spread so does its hairy effects. We see office worker, skate boarders and all manner of the population being infected until the whole planet becomes one big furry ball. Really Really fun!

The beer giant will also be taking over DreamVille creating the Brew District, an area where fans can unwind and chow down on snacks from food trucks and beer from a round-the-clock open bar.

The video is absolutely a lot of fun!


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